The Conference of Utopians

What does the stage design look like for a play that does not take place at a fixed location but is on the road and in which the audience has no chairs?

The solution was white, inflatable plastic cushions from the packaging industry. The cushions became the central element of the play and served sometimes as transportable seating, sometimes as a costume and sometimes as a stage set. The play was performed in several places in one evening: on the pavement, under a bus shelter, at a crossroads and finally in an empty warehouse.

"The Conference of Utopians" unfolded a dynamic in which everyone present became part of the production. Ist was more a shared space for thought and action than a play.

A huge, discarded parasol arched like the heavens over a white round stage made from a dance floor.

This production was preceded by a research trip in a camper van. This fulfilled several functions at the same time, and was used as an archive, an interview and conversation room, a place to sleep, a kitchen and a planning office. "Frl. Wunder AG" was out and about in the greater Brunswick area - in villages and small towns, at fun fairs or at The National Metrology Institute of Germany - looking for the best designs for a future world. The research materials and contents of this journey were used to create the play "The Conference of Utopians".

Photos: Andreas Hartmann, Marcel P. Hahn, Markus Gustav Brinkmann

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