St. Pauli

When a graveyard and a church service share one and the same space.

Just like the endless post-industrial infrastructures of the Ruhr district, where once coal was once mined and iron ore smelted, and where today start-ups grow and culture industriously drives the engine of redevelopment, many old and modern churches face the same challenge if they are not to be simply demolished.

Fortunately, for St. Pauli, in Soest, a suitable idea was found, and the old church could be saved.

In collaboration with the artist Anna Pauli, a partition wall made of glass was designed, dividing the church into two parts: the columbarium and the place of worship.

Small doors at various points allow visitors to move from one area to the other. The design of the partition is based on the juxtaposition of many details from huge drawings. Some of these drawings are shown here.

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