An Enemy of the People

Magnifying glass, microcosm, model, a stage on a stage, ambiguous, opaque but profound.

This multifunctional stage with its cube-like body is a stage on the stage and consists of a wooden frame. Venetian blinds with drawstrings are attached to it in 1 x 1 metre grid at a height of two metres. The blinds determine the character of the stage set, both visually and acoustically.

With a multitude of possibilities for opening and closing the blinds, this challenging stage design generated endless variations with which space can be altered. Sometimes all the blinds are completely open and sometimes completely closed; sometimes they serve as a surface for projections from which an actor suddenly emerges; half-open they accompany a shady event; individual areas are closed while others remain open. Special lighting moods could even be created inside the body of the stage.

The concept was developed in collaboration with the stage designer Lisette Schürer and in close cooperation with the directors David Czesienski and Robert Hartmann for the production of the play "An Enemy of the People" by Henrik Ibsen.

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Breaking something down to a simple and clear formula and still remaining multifunctional and multifaceted.

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