What if there is only one huge white stage space where everything happens?

Blank book pages, a white screen, the white cube - but a black stage? This stage set consisted of an empty theatre hall, with the audience area and the entire stage covered with a white a dance floor. In addition to the actors, the audience, a piano and a pianist, some very large, folded drawings were part of the production and the stage set.

The drawings formed a central element of the play and were destroyed during the performance. An invisible second part of the performance consisted of patching them back together and continuing to draw on them in the studio afterwards. This cycle was repeated with each performance and from this interplay of destruction and creation, new and interesting drawings emerged.

The glistening white stage space in Miriam Horwitz's production of Georg Büchner's "Lenz" dispensed with a separation between the auditorium and the stage. Instead, there were only three actors and a few drawings to press the audience into all the more urgent interaction. This made it possible to create the intense experience of a creative process.

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