"Constellation" is a pub lamp. It is a parable of a ritual whose meaning and purpose lie in the repetition of a question.

What connects us? The recycled copper pipes from the heating system of a Berlin apartment building tell of a moment in which a group of regulars tries to find a common identity. The spark at which the six minds heat up - embodied by the glass shades of a harbour pub lamp - lights up in old flower vases from the household estate of the Berlin artist couple Gerd and Barbara Jedermann. All the materials used have their own history. The lamp combines them.

Constellation is handmade and a hanging ceiling lamp, made from recycled copper rods, glass vases and shades. It is 280 cm wide, 130 cm high and 115 cm deep. It is powered by 7, 12V, E14 bulbs and 3, 12 V, G4 bulbs. All rights reserved - Copyright.

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