A painting is like a naked body: fascinating, amazing, beautiful, arousing. And clothes can be to the body what a picture frame is to a painting, can't they? But can a wardrobe also be a picture frame?

This wardrobe consists of four separate containers made of bamboo panels with sliding doors made of acrylic glass that can be closed. Each of the four boxes measures 1 x 1 m and 50 cm deep. They can be stacked on top of each other or used individually - depending on what you need and want. Whether as a bar or a chest of drawers, as a wall cupboard or on thin metal feet; no matter what you put in them, put on them or pin on them, taken together they become a framed painting and elevate your four walls to an art exhibition.

The whole cabinet is 200 cm high, 200 cm wide and 50 cm deep, is made of bamboo wood, acrylic glass and is handmade! All rights reserved - Copyright.

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