"Dorflinde" is an invitation! Come together at this place. Be inspired and exchange ideas!

The "Dorflinde" (the village lime tree) was once the social, cultural and judicial centre of the village community. And precisely this is what was missing on the office floor of a communications company! Dorflinde transforms a characterless passageway that functions as a kitchenette into a place that invites people to linger, inspiring and bringing them together. A disruptive but structurally necessary concrete column becomes a tree trunk from whose branches the most peculiar lampshades from all over Europe hang. A table and a chair have been added creating a place for exchange and community on a huge office floor.

Dorflinde is a site-specific installation, consisting of a table, a seat and various lampshades. Most of the materials are recycled. The whole installation is handmade and is about 220 cm high, 200 cm wide and 300 cm deep. There are LED bulbs installed that run on 220V. All rights reserved - Copyright.

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