Asking questions is art! Providing cultural education as an artist: A seminar.

Is cultural education art? What effect should my art have? Who is my audience? When am I an artist and where? Does art have a function? How do I earn money? What is art?


How can I use art to initiate specific processes? How can I use my experience and my interests as an artist in such a way that others can participate? How can I control the impact of my art so that it makes a difference?


How can I generate value from the interests and experiences of my art? What points of connection are out there and how can I finance my project? How can I tune my inner setting so that the different fields of my artistic activity are in harmony with each other?
Any more questions?

I give seminars to art students and all those who ask themselves these questions - online and in real life. Everything revolves around these questions. The seminars are designed as workshops in which your own positioning is set in motion and new perspectives light up at the end. It's about the joint and individual development of specific thoughts and concrete ideas, all the way to realisable projects. From the big inner question mark to the financially feasible project concept.

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