You have your eyes and ears open, are wide awake and hear the murmur of silence. But you are not lying in bed and you can't fall asleep; you're sitting in a kayak on the mirror-smooth waters of a lake.

Imagine it is night. You can hardly to see anything around you, except for areas of colour that differ a little from each other. Your sense of vision is put on standby for a few moments. The inner screen stops flickering. You are on the water and in the here and now.
But your ear, where your sense of balance lives, is wide awake. Individual sounds penetrate and following one another unobtrusively - birds chattering, a distant car horn, the paddle on the water, a breeze, a word - and transform your interior into a concert hall. It is not John Cage playing, but the night itself, ingenious minimalist, and you.

This piece is unique and can only be experienced on a night trip in a kayak. It's a one-on-one tour for you and me. We are out and about for about four hours. In this time, you will experience something to sharpen all your senses, freeing them from the dust of everyday life and setting your inner pendulum, the sense of balance, swinging again.

Photos: Mauritius Pauli

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