Clay provides resistance out of which your imagination can make a palace.

Squashing a lump of clay with your hand is a creative process. Something is created before your eyes. But what? Is it just a squashed something or maybe more? For me, creativity germinates at the intersection of action and recognition. It's not about right and wrong, but about what the squashed piece of clay is to you. That's it! Not that simple. Creativity is self-confidence - and vice versa.

To get their hands on the key to creativity, some school children took famous paintings by highly creative artists and reformulated them in clay. The result was the "Carnival of Sculptures". In another project, some school children went in search of the plants in our everyday environment. Whether printed on a jumper or at home, sprouting up between the pavement slabs, in the botanical garden or even under the microscope. Out of this grew the "Clay Jungle".

In all the projects, the pupils showed their artworks at the end in an exhibition, developed guided tours and fielded questions from an audience. The projects were developed in collaboration with the artist Birgit Auf der Lauer and in cooperation with art educators, teachers, curators and many more.

Photos: Susanne Wendler, Daniela del Pomar und Paul Holdsworth

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Creativity is self-confidence.

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